Other Boat Ideas

These are some ideas for unusual boats I've drawn over the years.  They were all abandoned, and were drawn as an exercise in learning how to use Sketchup, as well as trying to gel some concepts in my head.  The problems with some of them will be obvious.  I present them here in no particular order, and am commenting on them as best as I can from memory.

Below, is an exercise I did in using Sketchup to draw curved shapes.  This was an idea for a house barge that we could tow or push around with our mini tugboat Rosebud.

In fact we kicked around this idea so far as to buy plans from Tom MacNaughton for his push barge design.

I drew it up with Sketchup and we spent a lot of time looking at her and figuring what it would cost to build.  The design is called Evening Song.  She was pretty but in the end unsuitable.

This is Rosebud by the way.  She has an inboard diesel, wood stove, galley, head and could sleep the two of us in a pinch.  She is only 15 feet long!  She's a fun tug...

This is a 16 foot sailing barge, pretty much square except for the rockered bottom.  My plan was to ballast her with concrete.  She would be a great weekender I think.  I designed and built a little wood stove for her but that was as far as that project went.

This is a 24 foot Triloboat interior.

I also thought about doing one in aluminum.  This 32 footer has a swim platform.

Another 32 footer for Harrison Lake.  The open stern was for swimming and fishing.  I guess my idea was to put an outboard on a bracket.

My plan for this asymetrical beast was to have a nice walkway from cockpit to the front with steps down to the beach.

This is the 24 foot Triloboat from another angle.  I'm a fan of painted on curves...

I got really jiggy with this one and put a lateen sail on her.  Note that there isn't a single mast, rather a quadrapod to support the rig.  It would provide less obstruction inside.

Here is the underside of the same boat.  The idea was to provide standing headroom and a very low profile above the waterline.

This would have been a 12 by 32 houseboat.  Access to the interior would have been from an aft gallery.

The same boat from another angle.  On the right side aft is a conventional cockpit.  Beside it is the stairway down inside a wheelhouse.

This is a 28 footer made to look as sleek and conventional as possible.


  1. Fun to have found these sketches.... I would imagine the folks at shantyboatliving.com would vastly enjoy these. Lots of neat features for use in the bahamas as well, especially the swim platforms. If Dave Z. ever gets his triloboat building book off the ground these variations would make nice additions to a chapter towards the rear on other ways to maybe design a trilo.

  2. Thanks Robert. The thing is once you get good with SketchUp your imagination can really fly. The best thing about it for me is that having a 3D drawing that you can flip around, look at from every angle and even go inside helps my wife understand me. SketchUp has saved our marriage :-)

  3. I really enjoy your blog and all of the great information you have shared. Is there anyway you could share your sketchup designs? I am particularly interested in the sleek 28 footer. I would like to build something like that as a trailerable camper for both water and land.

    1. I don't have anything other than the 3D sketchup file but I would be happy to send it to you once I find it. Let me know how I can and I'll dig it up.

    2. would you mind emailing it to me? marc.pugh at gmail dot com