Sunday, July 29, 2018

Completely New Helm Configuration

Here is my latest project for Autarkia...
I put in a proper nautical wheel. It came from Rosebud and was on the wall at Wesley's house. I got it back  Anyway, I put the Lowrance out where it is useful. Also, I wanted to make course corrections while lounging on the foredeck. Now I can reach in the forward hatch and correct to port or starboard with the momentary contact switch. It activates a an automobile power window crank that I modified with a v-belt pulley. I install the remote actuator when needed and take it off and store it inside when not needed. Pretty simple, cheap and easy to fix. This would have cost a shitload to buy off the shelf in a marine store.

The remote actuator is not installed when not in use.  The drive belt just sits there.

The remote actuator is simply a GM window crank typically found in Camaros, pickups and so forth.  I machind a pulley to fit over the drive gear and epoxied it in place.

This is the actuator.  I just keep it in a bag inside when not in use.

Here it is installed.  If I have to run back and take the wheel I just unhook the spring.

Another look.

This is the switch just inside the forward hatch.

Anyway,  I'm just coming back to the land of the living since the collapse of my marriage.  I have other projects I want to document as I do them.  Take care out there...


  1. I enjoy your blog and the boat and all that you have accomplished, sorry to hear about your life changes, been through similar, keep busy, time helps. R

  2. I always look forward to updates on Autarkia. It is one of the most handsome boats I've seen, and I'd love to get more information about it.