Saturday, May 5, 2018

An Aft Deck Canopy

We live on the wet coast.  A need for an aft deck canopy became quite apparent after a few weeks of living aboard, so I made one.  The frame is ABS drain pipe, and the tarp I had custom made online for under $200.  It is 18 oz. vinyl - the stuff the truckers use - and they made it to my dimensions and put the grommets in the placement and quantities I asked for.  Held on with zap straps.  Very secure and sturdy. 

I went off line for a while.  Life changes - probably all for the good in the long run but takes getting used to just the same.  Promise to be a little more wordy as time goes on...


  1. Looks nice, does it extend over the hatch at all, or is that another project? As a side note, I have to take out the "https" from the front of the old link I had for you on my blog, is is deliberate?

  2. Nice canting out to the sides..... truckers weight fabric sounds great and with far less probably flapping noise than polytarp. IN the pac NW a good awning is essential. Nice spot to hang in a light drizzle!

  3. Really like the curved top and the overhung sides. Complements the lines of the boat.