Friday, September 22, 2017

A Cosy Stateroom

We made another little push to finish up Autarkia's interior with some recent work on the 'stateroom' (sounds a little hoity-toity don't it?).

Anyway, some overhead shelving for books, clothing etc adds to the storage space.  I also put in an LED hidden light strip that illuminates the whole space nicely,  and to add to the illusion of size - a mirror across the bulkhead.  That will encourage us to stay slim and attractive :-)  For safety, I covered the back side of the mirror with Gorilla Tape so that should the mirror be broken (by virtue of me looking into it beyond a reasonable interval or otherwise) the shards will be restrained.


  1. Alan,

    You and your wife have done an amazing job on that boat. It's nice to see that the interior has come together in as classy a way as the basic structure of the boat did by your hand. Very impressive. And your first two photos on this post help to demonstrate your point about the mirror exceptionally well.

    As for hoity-toity naming, I know what you mean exactly, but it bugs me more than it does you. I have already decided that when I get around to making a similar houseboat, using "boat words" is just not possible for me. I'm going to have a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and a bathroom.

    Still in awe,


    1. Thanks for those nice compliments Yoda! Lorri still calls it a bedroom, and the stand up galley area - though aft - a front room :-)

  2. So when's Architectural Digest coming around for the photoshoot?

    The old 25' trailer I used to live in also had a mirrored bulkhead. Really does make a difference, doesn't it? Looks like the thru-window to the kitchen area also helps a lot. I think you'll be more cozy than cramped on those rainy days.