Monday, July 17, 2017

Pondering the Post-Apocalyptic and Whether I Will Need Bridge Swings

I have finally abandoned a requirement I imposed upon myself from the very beginning of the Autarkia project.  And that was to have a mast that can fold down from a tabernacle, so that I could easily get in under the local bridges.

This stemmed from fears of a post-apocalyptic Lower Mainland BC, where in this chaos - if bridge swings were still possible at all - they would be controlled by trolls and overlords - requiring me, in the dark of night, to stealthily sneak under.

There!  I now admit that I have gone overboard in a train of thought mostly born and fed by reading to much Dmitry Orlov, James Howard Kunstler, and others.   No, I am not a doomer.

That said, I still believe that we are in for a heap of trouble nonetheless that will include predominantly a financial crisis.  I predict though, that most infrastructures (including those involved in transport) will remain intact and functional.  So, the bridges will still swing.

So to move on with getting Autarkia a sailing rig, I intend to have her masted at least this year.  I am presently making inquiries and getting quotes for a steel tube, and the cost of getting it hot dipped galvanized.

Details to come....


  1. Just because your paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get you. I could see a time when opening a bridge requires a "user" fee, paid to your local provincial troll. On the other hand that could be far enough in the future that it is not a design consideration. My masts will be folding, but that is more to make it practical to tow it on a trailer on the highway, the other advantages are bonus. Is there a particular reason that tabernacles are no longer practical?

    1. Thanks Dennis. It will be far simpler to put in a suitably tall mast without a tabernacle. I won't have to worry so much about weight, counterweights and such. I can make a taller, higher aspect and more powerful rig if I can do away with tilting mast concerns. Winds are so light around here that we'll need more sail than less. So far I have discovered I can buy a full length (40 feet) steel tube for about $500, have it galvanized for a couple of hundred more. If I lightly stay it Colvin style then strength calculations are less of a concern. I can at least have her masted by the fall and get on with things.

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