Sunday, July 9, 2017

Off Center Board Installed and First Test

Yesterday, My son Wesley and I brought the board down to the boat.  It is quite heavy, and the two of us huffed and puffed a fair bit to get it from the pickup truck, up and over the dyke and down the ramps to the dock.

I had previously turned the boat around so that the starboard side was against the dock so we could set the board in place.

Since the board, despite the weight, has a fair bit of buoyancy, it was not too difficult to get the bolt through the hole in the hull.  I smeared everything with lithium grease.  Once the nuts and washers were in place it was easy to push the board under and haul it down vertical with the line tied through a hole in the leading edge at the bottom.  There is a similar line on the trailing edge to use as an uphaul.

The bolt hole is reinforced with some angle steel lag-bolted to the stringer.  The only load on this fitting is the tension on the bolt.  The board bears against the gunwale at the top, and at the chine at the bottom.  Both are very beefy structures.  With the bolt snugged down tightly the board is very stiffly held in place.  Yet, I believe that it will 'give' sufficiently should it collide with an obstruction.

After the install Wesley and I took her out for a little test outside of the harbour.  Compared to when we brought her in last October, the boat was much easier to handle.  At speed, she turns on a dime without skidding at all!  Sharp turns to starboard have avery tight radius that is only slightly larger turning to port. Nonetheless, she is a heavy boat and there is a some delay in her response.

We will take her out again soon, and document it with lots of pics and maybe some video in an upcoming post.


  1. Very nice, Al. Another important milestone.


    1. Thanks Yoda! We are getting an anchor windlass tomorrow so we can handle the anchors. Once installed we'll be taking her out a lot. I need the ground tackle out for safety though. The Fraser is fast and an engine failure could be trouble if you can't throw the hook out!

  2. Looks classy all painted up. Did you settle on a sail plan then?

    Don't know if you've seen this rather interesting design, but you might appreciate the unconventional approach. Reminds me of your boat in certain elements.

    I'm rather taken with the windowed doghouse shown on "Footprints".

    1. Thanks Paintedjaguar. That is a nicely built boat for sure.

      I'm still thinking about the doghouse and we're pretty sure we'll go ahead with one. But first things first :-)

      We keep coming back to junk rig. Likely a low aspect main and a small transom mounted mizzen.

  3. Alan,
    Good work. I'm right behind ya!

  4. She is a fine looking ship, I'm more than a tad jealous. To me she appears to pay 21st century hommage to some of the houseboats of Holland and Germany that were converted from retired canal cargo carriers in the latter half of the twentieth century. It was a spark of genius to narrow the headroom and extend the decks around the sides, not solely for reasons of practicality, but aesthetically as well, I hope you are bloody-well proud of yourself, and I mean that most sincerely.

  5. Thanks for those kind compliments Ed!