Friday, May 5, 2017

Propane System

I finally built the deck boxes that house the propane tanks, fuel tank, gas cans, kerosene and other flammables, as well as extra storage for line, stern anchor etc.

I made them from high density polyethylene and abs plastic, fastened together with aluminum extrusion and SS fasteners.  They are screwed down to the deck and bedded with polyurethane caulking.

So just this evening I completed the whole propane installation consisting of a Dickinson BBQ and a Dickinson cooktop.  Each has its own tank, with the tank feeding the cooktop inside via a 12v solenoid valve so that the propane can be safely shut off so as not to accumulate in the hull should a leak occur.  The switch that operates the solenoid has a very bright red LED indicator so as to remind the chef to turn it off after use.

 The boxes are cut out at the bottom so any accumulated heavier-than-air gases drain overboard.  The hose leading from the solenoid goes through the deck via a galvanized nipple and flange screwed and bedded to the deck.  The hose and wire are sealed with electrician's duct seal putty to the top of the nipple.

The switches are yet to be labeled.  The far right one turns the gas on and off.  The far left is the galley light.  Beside it is the momentary contact water pump switch.

Hinged covers yet to be made


  1. You do neat work! I guess that's your aviation background.

    1. Thanks David! It's all trick photography :-)