Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Starting to Ice the Cake

Taking some time and being somewhat finicky with the mahogany trim and mouldings sure goes a long way to hide my usual wood butchery!  Autarkia is even beginning to look a bit 'yachty' I dare say!

I was pretty happy with the cabinet doors too.   I even took an extra day to make  the correct corner joints on them.  The inserts are 1/4" galvanized wire mesh that I spray painted with ivory Krylon.

Still lots to do to finish up the galley area and then on to the 'stateroom'.  There will be bookshelves over either end of the bed, high enough to sit up under, and some cabinetry for clothing under the starboard deck.

Sorry for the short post and crappy images.  The iphone doesn't do well in the dark.   When I get a good chunk more completed I'll do another video tour.


  1. Looking good, Alan. A lot better finish work than I'll ever do. I'd change that folding lawn chair for a full sized recliner to watch the fire from, haha.

  2. You've gotta love seeing those boats through the window like that. Nice shot.


  3. Thanks guys! Speaking of furniture, David, we have decided to go with folding stuff in the galley area. Those director chairs can be made quite comfortable with pads and covers disguising the fact that they are folding furniture. We will also have folding dining chairs and a table. So any of it can be stowed away, or the room configured as a 'salon', or if we had a couple over for dinner, we could set up a dining arrangement.

    With everything stowed away, it's a huge floor for air mattresses and sleeping bags.