Saturday, March 4, 2017

Autarkia's Pooper Part 2 and To Be Further Continued

Well, a little more on the ergonomics, and anatomical compliance:  We all are just not made the same!

When Yoda gave me the idea of considering a box cover for the toilet seat, my thinker went into gear.  In the process thereof, I sat down upon the deck - sans store-bought toilet seat - and low and behold!  Everything lined up!  "Could it really be this simple?" I asked myself.  "Could I incorporate a lid with some weatherstripping and keep it super simple?"

 Alas, not quite that simple, once brought up for evaluation and discussion.    But here's what we came up with for those who don't fit as well as I do on the seatless deck.  We keep a seat available that can be put on the deck and positioned by the user for the individual's comfort.

I have yet to refine said seat, but will likely glue a non skid material on the underside so it can't slide around.  Also, I will make an attractive holder for the seat for when the lid is closed.

Here are some more self explanatory pics.

I will have a Part 3 once I have the urine diverter plumbed in, removable seat detailed, ventilation completed (still waiting for some computer fans from Ebay - One for the toilet and a spare), and the whole head area set up and decorated.

Weather stripping to be yet applied to the lid.  I put some washers under the hinges on the lid to space it up a bit to accommodate the weather stripping.  Also I drilled some recesses in the deck for the screw heads.


  1. While reading this blog post, I was a bit concerned. However, I think along the way somewhere, I finally figured out that you're not up top pooping on your deck. I feel much better now. Toilet looking really good -- function and form.


    1. Thanks Yoda! I should have been more clear and said 'poopdeck' :-)

  2. Worthy of the moniker, Throne!