Monday, February 6, 2017

More Off Center Board Flogging

We have been buried in a paralyzing snowstorm.

Anywhere else, where there is an actual infrastructure to deal with winter snow, this would not be a problem.  But because snowstorms have been a rarity over the last two decades in Mission, and also because Mission is built on the side of a hill, any snow is a problem, and a doozy storm like we've had over the weekend halts everything.  I gave up on trying to shovel any of it; the snow sticks to the shovel and doesn't leave it when you try to throw it.

So I went inside and worked on the OCB.

I laid the board on the bench and mixed up epoxy and wood flour.  You can see the colded rolled 1-1/2" bar is glued to the leading edge with PL Premium.  It all gets encapsulated with the epoxy schmoo.

I can only do one side at a time.  I'll flip it over today and do the other side, but yesterday I got the port side filled.  I'll fair it with a sureform file before any sanding is done.

I also need to get a piece of flat bar stock to make a shoe on the bottom edge of the board - for weight and impact resistance.  I think I'll extend the shoe an inch or so fore and aft, and drill it to accept the raising and lowering line shackles.


  1. RE impact strips... We've never used them for lack of... um... discipline, so collect scraped paint and dings on impact.

    But what we've PLANNED to do is use polyethylene half-pipe. Stuff is tough, UV-resistant, slippery and cheap. Can be beachcombed (unforunately) in our area.

    Available in many diameters and can be (somewhat) heat formed (but better try some out, first... it's a little tricky).

    Don't get the weight, but I'm not sure you'll be getting much from a wear strip in any case.

    Do you have a downhaul scheme worked out?

    Looking good!

    Dave Z

    1. Thanks Dave! That piece of round bar weighs about 30lbs, and with the density of fir (28lbs/sq.ft) it might not need much of a downhaul to sink it. In any case, I'm going to put a strip of flat bar along the bottom edge and fair it in. I'll drill either end to accept shackles for lines to rotate it up and down. I haven't thought beyond that yet...

  2. Nice work, Alan. Very robust looking.

    1. Thanks David. Sorry for the tardy acknowledgement of your comment. We have been out of power and Internet all day yesterday due to the storm.