Thursday, February 23, 2017

Every Boat Needs a Workspace

Since we've been working on Autarkia down in the harbour, my tools have been spread between the house and the boat.  And I never know where anything is on the boat ;  Every task is diminished in its pleasure by looking for this and that, and stumbling around a mess of stuff.

I decided to put an end to that, and make my next priority job organizing the utility room and building a workspace with storage.

Here is the bench I put in.  It is very solid and well attached to the structure.  I still have lipped shelving to build over the bench.  That's next.  I recessed the lower shelve under the bench somewhat to provide knee space.  Now, we can sit there and work on a project, and leave it out if need be.  We can set up the sewing machine, use a laptop, work on a hobby - and most importantly - get away from one another if need be, and neither having to compromise on a nice spot to hang out alone.

While we are out today, I'm going to pick up a nice little vice to mount on that corner.


  1. I like that purple edge on the bench- purple heart? No kidding that looking for tools takes the pleasure out of a job. There are times I will stagger around for half an hour in total disbelief that I could have lost something I had in my hands a second ago and I haven't left the room!

    1. That is Indonesian mahogany. A local guy here gets it from pallets (imagine making pallets from that stuff!). I have a stack of it - all rough sawn and some of it warped. All 2-1/4 or so square and 82 inches long. The pallets carried steel door skins. Apart from some nail holes it's very nice stuff, so we'll trim her out nice over the next few weeks.