Sunday, February 19, 2017

Autarkia's Bed and a Little Tour

Thankfully the snow and ice has left us, and - knock on wood - we are late enough in the year to have seen the last of it.

We have been working on the platform/storage for Autarkia's sleeping platform.  I have put it together with cheap plywood, and have not used anything to fasten other than deck screws.  This will allow easy dis assembly should we ever decide to rearrange things.

I put some reflective bubble insulation under the mattress, and have wrapped it in black plastic (because I had it) and taped it up with Tuck Tape to provide some protection for the foam.  We will be covering that with some old school felt horse blankets, bean bags and cushions to make a very comfortable sleeping and lounging area.


We found these rugs at Walmart. 100% cotton and open weave.  They fit perfectly with an overlap.  We're going to velcro them at the side of the boat, and put a weighted rod along the other edge hanging over so it keeps it taut and wrinkle free.  Oh, we took the plastic off.  Too noisy under the rugs...


  1. one other reason to put in a foot pump is that when one of you gets up in the night and wants a drink of water, that little electric pump always woke the other person up, a foot pump should be almost silent. Everything else is looking good.

    1. Thanks Dennis, a good point. Though, the electric pump is very quiet. Also, our evening ritual includes loading the coffee pot for the next morning, and having a glass of water on hand for night thirst.