Saturday, January 21, 2017


The cold weather has left us, the ice has melted or drifted away and things are back to normal in Mission Harbour.

Work has continued on Autarkia during the bad weather - during which our little Cubic Mini woodstove has been greatly appreciated.  The water system has been almost completed with only the footpump and 12VDC pump to be installed for the sink spigot.  I have completed the forward hatch made up from aluminum angle and 3/8 inch thick smoked plexiglass.  There are two panels - one vertical and one horizontal that are held in with over-center catches (stainless steel, reasonable quality and found  surprisingly at Home Depot).

I will be ordering the 6 inch foam for the mattress in a few days.  It's big - 73" by 85".  Though part of the bed will extend under the side deck, and no one can actually sleep that far outboard - a leg or a knee or a foot can be nicely accommodated.  With throw pillows and stuff bags it makes for a large lounging platform as well.

With the forward hatch as a means of emergency escape in place, our bed installed, and shore water and power, we will be able to go down and spend the odd night aboard while we finish her out.

In the meantime at home, we (fellow junker Jeff and I) have been working with a fabric store that is becoming a distributor for awning fabrics such as Odyssey, Top Gun, Top Notch and Weathermax.  As a result of our research on the Junk Rig Association website, other blogs, and advice from other junk sailors, we will probably be going with Top Notch fabric to make our sails.  Of course, once that starts there will be much more detail posted here.

More interior detail to come soon as I get her cleaned up, organized and the aforementioned jobs completed.


  1. Hey Al,

    Nice hatch. Maybe add a photo or two at some point showing it half-open and then fully open, so we can see how it works. Likely normal, but the plexiglass makes me wonder.

    Pardon if you explained this before, but for the sink, what necessitates two pumps?



  2. Thanks Yoda! Likely another video tour coming up that will show and explain everything so far. The reason for two pumps is that normally I can run water with a push button operated 12v pump. But should the house power go out, or the pump burn out we can use the foot pump.

  3. We've been humping around a huge bolt of 2nds Top Notch for almost 9 years now. It's journeyed up to Alaska (when we ordered it from there) and now down to almost the guatemalan border. I value it THAT much as a possible replacement for the 2 lugsails I kept, off Luna, when we sold that fine craft. But, in all reality, the 2 old lugsails still have a fair bit of life to them (brittle somewhat but no pie plate sized holes yet) and if I was closer I'd offer up my Top Notch. I chose a marine blue color at the same time Dave Z. ordered up his off-crimson bolt he used to make his 28 footers sails. At that time the 2nds cost was a killer deal from Rochford Supply. It will be interesting to see what fabric and color Dave chooses for his new boat. As wacky as the geo-political scene is getting battleship grey might be a good choice. I have always been intrigued by Oddysey 2. If memory serves me it is lighter by almost half of Top Gun but I never bought it due to it having one shiny and one dull side. A space age fabric coming in at about 8 ounces would sure be nice..... in some vibrant color. I found Top Gun to be just too heavy when used for our 335 ft sqr sail build and use, despite its recommendation by Tom Colvin. (TC R.I.P.) Look forward to your rigging postings. Best wishes from lat 17N and 5100 feet up off the big salty.

    1. Thanks Robert. My friend Jeff and I have been doing a fair bit of research into cloth and we have a potential local supplier who is going to become a distributor for these fabrics. That said, we still have the value of the CDN dollar against the U.S dollar to contend with, and it will be expensive whichever we choose.

      As a note to all: We've been down severely with the flu over the past week, so little was done on the boat. We are better now, glad to say and that movie should be coming up soon.