Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Not Much to Report

Still alive. Still working on the boat.  I'll post some pics soon but it will only be the interior painted up.  Once that messy stuff is done we can start installing things, and that will provide some great visual progress.

In the meantime we have been dealing with life.  Also, I'm getting set up to put Rosebud on the trailer and bring her home - it would have been today but it's too windy and cold.  Maybe the weekend.


  1. will the gestapo hassle you about rosebud?

    1. Nope. The overall length of the boat/trailer combo is under the 24.5 foot limit. I'm really hoping though, with all my heart, it pisses off the guy who complained. And the city.

  2. be careful what you wish for.
    you might get it.
    you can't fight city hall.

  3. Almost makes you want to build the ugliest 24.5 foot boat you can find plans for!

    Great to see another update though!

  4. Really guys, I'm not bitter :-) I'll be glad to get Rosebud home and power wash her, touch up the paint and get her sold! So she won't be in the driveway long if all goes well. We are looking forward to some good times over the winter working on Autarkia though. It's so cosy in there with the wood stove. Fitting her out will be quick and lots of fun. Some blustery winter weather happening right now - I'm uploading a video for a post a little later today..