Saturday, December 17, 2016

Electrical Inlet

In this cold weather there have been a few electrically related fires on liveaboard boats in the Vancouver area over the last week.  Most can be attributed to shore power electrical inlet, which overheats when the connections become poor and resistive.  This can happen because it gets wet and corrodes, and because it can be constantly moving and wiggling due to the motion of the boat.

Hower there is a product available from these folks that provides some protection from the above risks.  It's called a Smart Plug.

The Smart Plug breaks the circuit if it heats up at the connection.  A little bit of extra insurance that is worth the money.

I installed the inlet on Autarkia yesterday.

The inlet portion of the Smart Plug goes through Autarkia's cabin side and into the utility space in the forward most cabin.

It goes into a plastic junction box from Home Depot.  I will mount the ELCI breaker, and then two circuit breakers for the individual outlets right into the front cover of this box.  The two outlets will then be fed via flexible plastic conduit glued to fittings on the bottom of the box.  Each of those outlets will be GFIs.

This should keep the surveyor and the insurance company happy!

They are calling for rain and above freezing temperatures for next week.  I'll be happy when that happens....


  1. Merry Christmas and may 2017 bring you and yours a whole boatload of fine health and happiness!


    1. Thank you Jon and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you as well!

  2. Looks just like Sitkas docks did in winter when we lived on Luna. Luckily we house sat every winter while there. I'd still check on Luna a few times each week and walking a dock like that takes care. Sitka harbor had tiny emergency ladders that swung down in use and would be tough to use even in bathtub tropical waters. Everyone pretty much knew falling in was a death event most likely. Still... in many ways a beautiful time of the year. Water clarity was such that you could see 20 feet down to the harbor bottom at our slip.

    1. Thanks Robert. We are very careful here as well. The newer concrete dock on the outside has permanent ladders, and some have been installed on the older docks too. But the Fraser is very siltly, so a fall into it this time of year just makes it harder to find one's body somewhere downstream. We don't take chances.

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