Monday, November 14, 2016


Autarkia is tied up at the dock in Mission and is bobbing happily there awaiting Lorri and I to go down and finish prepping and painting her insides prior to fitting out.  She has an electric cube heater going inside and is quite cosy and toasty.  We probably have about a week's work in doing that:  I need to go in with a cut off wheel and buck off some bolts and screws, chisel away some beads of PL Premium, and fill cracks and blemishes with either DAP or polyurethane caulking.  I will also be installing a proper forward companionway hatch asap.

We would have been down there sooner than this but life, and for me, norovirus, has gotten in the way.  I have only begun to feel like my old self this morning.  I still have quite a few chores to complete at home as well before we start in on the boat - mainly wrap up cleaning and organizing the garage, which in the mad rush to complete her to the point of launching, became very, very, cluttered and disorganized.

So please stay tuned, the saga will soon continue.  Meanwhile, here's our shopping list for the near future:

Nature's Head Composting Toilet

Dickinson Propane Drop In Cooktop

Dickinson Sea B Que Large 


  1. Hi Alan,

    Glad to see an update.
    I'm surprised that having built the whole boat, you're not tackling the seemingly trivial task building the bog?

    I've no personal experience in this (so tell me to butt out) but internet research leads me to think that even I could tackle this one. It's basically a box to hold a bucket and a wee-bottle?

    There's a company that even makes the parts to make it easier for you... And $1000 is a lot of money for a bucket and a bottle...

    (That link was found by Bob of boatbits (


  2. Thanks for the frequent updates, I have problems doing a monthly update. I looked at the Airhead, very nice unit, but decided to go cheap and build my own. I can always purchase an Airhead in the future if my homemade unit is decided to be unsuitable.

  3. Thanks guys! There is only ONE reason why we are buying a Nature's Head and that is - shall we say - social acceptability. In the minds of others it is 'storebought' and therefore good and acceptable. I have made plans to do my own, complete with urine separation and a large capacity bin with a crank agitator. I think that it would be superior. But, what we are doing with this boat is - despite the wonderful positive feedback from family and friends launch day when it did not sink - way out there enough as it is. No shower or pressurized hot water is a freak out to begin with and a 'homemade shit bucket' probably takes it over the top for some. So we have our reasons. But frankly I'd like to spend that money elsewhere. I can see us some time down the road, once our circle 'gets it' building our own superior design anyway. It's a process as they say :-)

    1. I understand the social acceptability angle. So far we have only gone the chemical toilet route in the campervan. And even then I'm self conscious about it. She made a beautiful patchwork cover to hide it in plain sight. But it only lasts us about 3 days camping.
      So I was looking into compost toilets. Havent brought myself to building one yet.