Sunday, November 20, 2016

Cubic Mini Install Complete

I got down to the harbour today and spent the afternoon putting in the flue and deck fitting for our Cubic Mini wood stove.  We haven't fired it up yet - probably will some time this week.

We have an electric heater going that keeps the boat pretty warm and dry inside, but if we get a real cold snap this winter we are sure to be warm with the stove going too!


  1. I really like those little stoves. I have a Hobbit, which is set up as my workshop stove while building progresses.

  2. Nice progress. I imagine you sitting there someday soon with the fire going early in the morning, waking up and relaxing with a cup of something warm, and gazing out the window. And then you take a deep breath, and a feeling of ease and satisfaction come over you. That's my wish for you.


    1. Thank-you Yoda. I couldn't ask for a kinder thought :-)