Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Photo Essay From Launch Day

At the boat launch ramp in Mission Harbour.  I was a bit worried because the river is low this time of year, and also the tide was out too.  But Norm from Agonic Boat Movers, the ever consummate professional has launched and retrieved many large boats at this ramp and alleviated my worries!

Of course my jitters re-occurred as the stern went in; I have above water line openings for the galley sink drain either side that are not yet connected.  Surely she would begin to float before they would be awash...

And float she did!  Right now drawing about 5 inches of water...

I got to work and lowered the motor, connected the steering linkage and hooked up the battery and gas tank.  The battery, tank and propane tanks will eventually go into deck boxes that provide seating on the bridge.

Once out in the current we started drifting down river.

But that 30 hp Etec took care of that.  I didn't have a gps with me but I'm sure she goes hull speed at less than 3000 rpm.

We noodled around outside the harbour for a few minutes.

Bring her in was hard though.  At low speed she would not steer and we had hard gusts from two directions. A leeboard and rudder will make all the difference.  Also loading her down a few more inches won't hurt either.  At speed steering with just the motor is fine.

Autarkia tied up at the dock, a ceremony with rum tots was in order.

The first one went to King Neptune.

The second to Autarkia herself.

The third into her builder...

And then all around!

And a Cyber Tot for you, my devoted blog followers!   I would not have gotten this far without your help and encouragement!

Everyone boarded for a chat, and to further dent the bottle of Lemonhart...

My next job is to build a proper opening hatch in the forward cabin for safety (it's just closed off with plywood screwed over the opening now), and then Lorri and I are very much looking forward to taking our time over the winter to finish and fit out the interior.  I'm really pleased how that galley area functions as entertainment space.  It's roomy and the views outside are great from sitting level.

Mission Harbour views.


  1. The exact same rum shot christening I did as well with my 37 footer! King Neptune first out of great respect for his power, beauty, and majesty. The 2nd for the loyal servant and protector and the third for the great creator. The pic of you standing next to it as it finally slid off the trailer and floated on its own brought back wonderful memories as well.... what a magical moment. That interior will get warmer and warmer as it gets lived in and already looks cozy and inviting (especially with friends all about you two). Lastly, looks to float a slight bit down in the stern and just perfect as your rig weight will probably bring it to dead level. Congratulations Captain!!! What a cool thing to see and thanks for sharing.

    1. Well thank-you Robert!

      The tot sequence just seemed right. I guess we think alike!

      You can see my son Nathan and Lorri's brother Billy sitting on the water tanks. They will be benched over and when full will put about 650 lbs of ballast there. And once the galley is fitted out, and the deck boxes installed with fuel, propane and so forth, I will have a lot of leeway in terms of loading her forward. The sleeping/lounging area with the smaller windows will have no storage, but the area under the foredeck will hold a lot of stuff as well as the utility/workshop/head/storage in the forward cabin. So she should balance out quite nicely.

  2. Congratulations Alan and Lorri!

    Loved the victory lap, before docking. 8) Well deserved and what a feeling, eh?

    AUTARKIA looks just right in her element. Looking forward to seeing how you finish out the interior. Already classy, cozy and comfy!

    Here's to many good years aboard!

    Dave and Anke

  3. I think it looks wonderful, but getting a flue on your stove should be right up there in priority. Having the heat from a small fire will make the rest of the jobs that much more pleasant.

    1. Thanks Dennis! I went down yesterday and hooked up some electrical heat to shore power so we're cosy for now. I can't really run the wood stove even after flue install until I get the second survey and update the insurance.

  4. Al,

    Seeing Autarkia finally on the water fills me with joy, vicarious satisfaction, congratulations, and more than a little envy.

    Very, very nicely done!