Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Time Constraint Strategy

I have just epoxy coated the rudder support.  Once it cures I'll shoot it with spray paint (John Deere green enamel - because I have it) and then I can mount the rudder post and rudder support to the boat.  I may not make the blade, depending on what the city does.  If pressed I can use a rectangular piece of aluminum plate as a temporary blade.

So my next pressing job then is to build the main hatch.  I'll get going on that today.  Unless the weather changes which will move up painting the bottom.

However we look at it though we're getting close to launch.  She's surveyed, insured and ready to go otherwise.


  1. I think it looks good, hopefully you don't get harassed any more

  2. Looks beautiful! It's a shame epoxy isn't UV resistant!

    One thought I forgot to mention... we use a disk of closed cell foam (cut from a camping mattress, or similar) between top and bottom pieces to quiet the bearing plates. A 3 to 4in 'washer' of cutting board plastic at the same thickness as the foam, and foam holed to match spreads the load away from the bolt so it doesn't tear through the foam. Tighten the bolt nut down to the point the lower blade has a bit of friction but still moves without too much force applied.

    This isn't necessary, but does quiet it down in slop and bobble, and preserves the finish on upper and lower parts.

    You're moving at light speed!

    1. Thanks Dave. I saw the foam idea on your youtube video. We'll do the same. I'm also thinking of making up some vary large aluminum washers at the hangar - say from 1/4" plate - to spread the bearing surfaces away from the concentrated areas at the bolthead and nut washers.