Wednesday, October 12, 2016

More Progress

I decided to cut my pre-launch hatch work in half by simply screwing plywood over the forward hatch coamings and slapping on some paint.  I can make the hatch proper once she's in the water.

Yesterday I got the grab rails and railings mounted, bolted and lag bolted with polyurethane caulking as a bedding.  They are quite solid.

So my two big jobs left are the main hatch, the rudder and bottom anti-fouling paint.  We are getting real fall weather now - very cool in the mornings and rain coming.  Most of my hatch work and the rudder can be done in the garage though.

I'm a bit concerned for having a dry warm day to do the bottom paint, and as soon as I get the chance I'll jump on that.  I'll do the areas in under the shoring blocks when she's on the boat moving trailer - it will just have to do.

In the meantime Lorri has been working on the inside getting some priming done.  With the primer on it is real obvious where I have to caulk the cracks and fill holes, blemishes, etc.  But that's all for later.  Priority is getting her in the water.

Today will be a bit of a write off since I go this morning to get hooked up to a 24 hour heart monitor, and then I've got running to do for my Mom who is in a care home.  And tomorrow it's a treadmill stress test at the hospital...

Well, if I go beyond the deadline I guess the city will do what the city will do.


  1. "Well, if I go beyond the deadline I guess the city will do what the city will do."

    Or, you might call them and tell them two things:

    1. You are more motivated to get the boat into the water than they are to have you do it.

    2. You have a valid medical emergency.

    Ask for a reasonable extension -- one week or whatever. Who knows -- maybe they're looking for a chance to help you and you just got one. Silver linings and whatnot.


    1. Thanks Yoda. Playing it by ear...

    2. Indeed,you don't even get the salt passed to you at the dinner table unless you ask.

      Asking is a good thing.

      She's lovely, Alan.

      If you should ever be down in the south end of Puget Sound, I'll buy you lunch. Our favorite cafe is very near the public dock in Olympia.

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    4. Thank-you Craig! We will be sailing down that way way one day...perhaps to shock the purists at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend... :-) Lunch would be great!