Monday, October 24, 2016

Tender Idea Revisited

Just so nobody gets any ideas that I'm presently distracted from getting Autarkia out of the driveway real soon, I'll preface this post by saying that today is 'rudder install' day.  As soon as the sun comes up I'm getting right on that and will start by bedding and bolting the rudder post to the hull.  I should get an early delivery this morning of my lashing twine, and can then lash the rudder mount to the post.  I will then take my piece of plate aluminum I bought over to the hangar in Abbotsford at UFV and shape it on the power shear, come home and mount it.  Tomorrow, I start painting the bottom.  With everything going smoothly we should be out by the weekend.

This past weekend though, under doctor's orders to get some relax time in, Lorri and I went to Porteau Cove with some of the kids and grandkids.  They camped and we stayed in a cabin.  While there, I watched a few sailboats going by and pulling their tenders.  It got me to thinking about a tender for Autarkia and it confirmed our earlier decision to build a Gloucester Dory.  I got home though, and dug out a shirt carboard model I made about 20 years ago of a skiff based on the Vercheres style rowboats that were popular in Quebec when I was a kid.  My model is much deeper though.  I had planned (if memory serves me correctly) to make it from 5 sheets of 1/2 Inch ply, and though it would row acceptably I planned to put about a 20hp outboard on it, which would plane it out with a fair load.  I never built it, and likely never will, since Autarkia's tender will be strictly a rowboat.  But here are some pics of that model:

And here are some pics of Porteau Cove

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