Thursday, October 27, 2016

Format Change?

Autarkia wets her belly next week.  I am thinking to video the proceedings, and perhaps change the format of the blog to be more video oriented.  Some of you who have been loyal followers may have bandwidth issues by virtue of your locations if I go that route so I am soliciting suggestions and advice in this regard.  Lot's of text and pics too?  Just video?  Will YouTube be ok for the video?  That sort of thing...


  1. works for me either way.
    I am SOOOOOO envious.
    Keep it coming...

  2. Any format is welcome. Looking forward to it!

    (I thought about video for my own blogging efforts, but can't stand the sound of my own voice. Plus I can't think fast enough (or think too fast for my tongue!) and there usually ends up some shaky video with lots of pauses and ums and errs in!)

    Good Luck!

  3. I just entered the Low Bandwidth Club, so thanks for considering that. By the way, a club you'll be joining before too long if water-based. You'll need to give that thought in terms of video uploading, if you go that route. Overall, I'd vote for mixed media, including low bw video.

    Please video the launch. Bit embarrassed to say how much I'm looking forward to that as a vicarious sailor.


  4. Thanks everyone for the input. I'm thinking of Dave too up in AK. Mixed media it is I think. I've wanting to shoot some video for a while and I think it will be fun to add some. Up to now my posts have been hastily put together because of the time constraints I've had. I've been somewhat self conscious of that because my writing skills aren't bad if I take the time. Also, I could be detailing far more than I have. More time is going to be be a welcome relief!

  5. Not too hard to add video but nice to have multimedia just in case. Video of the launch would, indeed, be a vicarious delight. Just grateful basically that you have done such a great job documenting the build in general. Possibly extremely inspirational and useful to some young kids wanting to go a alternate way in life down the road. Or boomers just tired of being used up and wanting a sane alternative to the norm. Who knows?

  6. I vote for the mixed media as well, as I can't access videos at work, or comment from there, but I love seeing any updates.

  7. I'll make sure the content is still of interest to those with low bandwidth. Regarding comments, Dennis, I do love to see them but that said, a lot of people are following and don't comment at all. That's fine; I don't want anyone - especially my regular commentators - to feel compelled to do so. I know you're there :-)

    There is still much to do once she is in the water: Finishing the interior, wiring, plumbing, painting, trimming, equipping, and building the sailing rig. So there's lots to document yet. The nice thing about finishing her down in the harbour is that I won't be pressured. That whole city thing took A LOT of fun away from the build.

    Anyway, I said it before but it needs to be said a lot. Thank You all for the support and feedback. It has been a HUGE motivational factor for me.

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