Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Burning the Midnight Oil

I got a coat of John Deere on the rudder mount last night, and I'll shoot another after I finish this post.  As well, I got the main hatch cover started.  I would have liked to make a cambered hatch but there isn't time.  It will have to be flat, but I don't think that it will look too bad.  I picked up some SS piano hinge yesterday.  My plan is for the hatch to hinge on the starboard side, and it will get a gas spring later on to make it easy to open and close (yes, I will buy spares).

I will be able to mount the rudder post and lash on the rudder mount pretty soon.  So I've been thinking about the lashings.  I think that I will use TARRED thin nylon commercial fishing line.  By independently lashing each pair of holes with MULTIPLE passes of this very strong line, I will have some redundancy if one breaks; the whole thing won't unravel and lose the rudder.  Also, I won't have to worry about the lashings remaining aligned.  Now nylon is great stuff - very strong and with some give and stretch to it.  But it is not very UV resistant - unless it is coated.  The tarred stuff should do great!  They have it at Pacific Twine in Steveston but I'm not driving all the way there to get it.  I'll call later today and get them to courier a spool to me.  The remainder will be very handy on board.

Number 24 should do the trick!

I have a call in to Norm from Agonic Boat Movers.  He should be getting back today from holiday, and we can start setting up to move Autarkia.  Her bottom will have to be painted first though, and I'll have to jack her up a bit aft to fit his hydraulic trailer in under.  I'll need a couple of dry days for that.  The 5 day forecast isn't promising any but these rainy spells usually break for a while eventually.

In the meantime, the rain is not stopping me.  But today is the day they are expecting the boat to be gone so I'm not feeling so good.  Hopefully they have the grace to let this final SHORT stretch of time pass without interference.

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