Monday, October 17, 2016

And While Epoxy Cures

I belted sanded and router-rounded the edges on the rudder support this morning.  Also I mixed up some epoxy filler and applied it to the screw holes.  Once it sets up, I'll sand them off, and then I think I'll dispense with the fiberglass and just epoxy coat the paper faces on the MDO.  I'm not worried about the strength, the finish will be better, and I can save some time.

While I'm waiting for that to cure, I decided to model the rudder itself to check for clearances, and to make sure that if it hits anything submerged that it rolls without trying to leapfrog the stern of the boat and wreck things with the strain.  I'm glad I did this, because some changes were needed.  It looks good now.  I can get the material and proceed.  I think I'll use more MDO...

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