Monday, October 17, 2016

A Rudder Compromise For Now

Tad Roberts has provided me a drawing for a rudder.  If I build this rudder I will no doubt have a rudder that is aesthetically pleasing and perfectly functional.  It kicks up, it is hinged with lashings, and it is higher aspect with a foil shape.  A really nice rudder.

The problem for me, with the constraints imposed upon me at the moment, is I don't have time to build it.

Yet, I need a rudder to launch Autarkia; she'll not steer with the motor because I designed the well for the motor to be fixed and not steered.  It isn't wide enough.

I kicked around using something very temporary, such as fastening somehow a plate of aluminum, or a simple sheet of plywood to steer her with but I simply could not bring myself to insult Autarkia in such a manner on her debut.

So in the meantime, and maybe permantently if it works well, I will defer to Dave and Anke's rudder design that has worked for them for years on Slacktide, and will continue to do so with Wayward.  Dave has detailed this rudder design on his blog - HERE  - and I have lifted the picture from it to show you below:

And here is my SketchUp drawing detailing my adaptation for Autarkia:

Yesterday, after consulting with Dave, I began to build this rudder.  So far I have cut out three blanks for the upper section from 1/2 inch MDO I had on hand.  They are epoxied together and screwed for now.  When I finish this post I will remove those screws, clean up the edges with a belt sander, round off the hinged edge and fiberglass the whole thing with 10oz cloth and epoxy.  It should go quick.

The lower section that kicks up will be made the same way.  I've got to run to the yard for materials for that - probably later today.

A nice tiller can wait, for the time being, a piece of 2 by 4 C-clamped on will have to do...

The city emailed me and asked me to take the sign down.  I have.  Hopefully we are in detente until I can launch....


  1. They asked you to take the sign down?
    That's pretty much an admission of guilt on their part isn't it?
    Can't stand the light.

    1. Not really. I had zap strapped to a no-parking sign. That is illegal I guess.

  2. For folks contemplating a build themselves your site is also instructive in finding a building site that is out of sight. Or building somewhere the government and locals are more tolerant.... like maybe Gambia.

    1. Well Robert, most people I've met since starting the build have been very friendly, interested and supportive. There's only one sad, sorry, probably bitter and regret laden individual who has complained, and has been supported by the city. When the shit hits the fan, people building boats will be the last thing the authorities will be worried about. For example homeless camps - something unheard of in Canada up until a few years ago - are becoming more and more prevalent. That alone is going to keep them busy when the economy begins to topple. Could be soon, and could be triggered by unrest south of the line next month. We'll see...