Saturday, August 13, 2016

Now To Fill/Sand, Fill/Sand Then Rinse and Repeat

I've been working at the Abbotsford Airshow this weekend representing the UFV Aerospace department - so no work on Autarkia until Monday.  But we are really close to fabric and Titebond and then PAINT!

But we must resist the urge to rush at this point.  She must look good topsides so time must be spent in prep work.  No pressure accepted from anyone!


  1. You'll get no pressure from me, Al!!! I have been too long down here in mexico in the land of over-politeness and am incapable of rude pressure. Sure looking nice!

    1. Thanks Robert! I was thinking of a more 'local' pressure :-)

    2. Yeah, I figured you were referring to the local constabulary and butt-in-ski neighbor. Wow.... sure going to be fun to watch you launch. Best wishes and a-building to yas.