Friday, August 26, 2016

First Coat of Acrylic On!

Well, I can really see now where the bubbles are, and where edges must be feathered.  I've got a good couple of days of sanding and excising with a utility knife.  I will sand through the bubbles - if cloth is in under then I'll leave it, but if I expose wood I'll apply a patch of silk soaked in acrylic paint, and then feather the edges when dry.

Sure starting to look like a boat now though!


  1. It's very ... very ... uh ... white!

    But you're right; it's looking more and more like a boat all the time. Undeniably so now. If you were using the excuse with the district that you're really building a massive snow sled, I think that's over now. ;-)

    1. It's got some green in it. I gave 'er a bit hard last week though. I think I have a torn meniscus in my left knee. So I might need to slow down a bit. Problem is my Sept 15th new deadline looms adding further stress to the situation. I'm going to try and have another meeting with the city this week.

    2. Damn, sorry to hear about your knee. People tend to be pretty fond of that walking thing.

      On the deadline, though, I suspect that Block 7 on the "Frown-Upon Boat Building Extension Form" has space for "torn meniscus".

  2. I just went out and did some tests with the palm sander and some 60 grit paper. It levels everything quite nicely. It shouldn't take too long either. We've got to go into Chilliwack today but tomorrow Lorri and I can both sand away for the day if it doesn't rain.