Thursday, August 11, 2016

Aft Roof Planked!

I finally got all three layers of 1/4 inch fir ply on the aft roof.  It still needs dressing up with the router and sander, and I need to cut out the companionway hatch opening.

Next week we are supposed to have some good hot weather.  I'm hoping to get all of the filling/fairing/sanding done and then get the fiberglass on the deck, and the polyester on the house.

I did one more experiment with the polyester:  I mixed some Titebond 3 with an equal part of water and saturated a piece of the polyester in it.  I left it in about a minute and it wet out thoroughly  I wrung it out - but not too much - and spread it on the plywood.  It was very easy to smooth right out and I did not have trouble with wrinkles.  After it dried a bit I painted on some full strength Titebond 3.  Excellent results!

So I believe that is how I will proceed using 2 by 2 foot squares of cloth.


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