Monday, August 1, 2016

A Pretty Cool Freighter Idea

It's early AM  here in Mission and I'm drinking coffee and anticipating a great day of boat building.  My plan is to finish up the forward roof with the last layer of 1/4 inch fir.  But as I sit here noodling on the PC  I came upon this.  I haven't up to now blogged about the stuff I find Googling around the World Wide Web, but why not?

Last night I got all those temp screws out so I'm ready to roll once the neighbours are awake!


  1. My question on the cargo boat link you provided is whether it is new (a resurrection of VSF) or an older webpage from before the Ceres experience. I couldn't find any dates to say one way or the other. In any case, yes, I like that type of boat a lot!.

    1. P.S. - I should have looked more carefully. Seems it is a resurrection:

      Best of luck to VSF!

    2. Yes, I found it when I updated the link on my sidebar. I like the hybrid propulsion system - something quite doable in a smaller sort of triloboat. Also, I was very happy to see VSF back in action after some inactivity!