Friday, July 1, 2016

UV Protected Finally

I had some bottom paint left over from Rosebud so I got the sides below the waterline done so there was no longer any direct sunlight on the epoxy.

Today is Canada Day.  I was going to Titebond/Glass the deck but we have a chance of showers and I don't want it rained on.  So after my coffee I'm heading out and starting the cabin structure - if there are showers then I don't have to tarp anything wet.  I should be able to fit some sides and bulkheads, and cut out the doorways with a few hours of work.  Good visual progress.

Then I think we'll walk down to Heritage Park later on - should be some fireworks!

And about visual progress:

I remember working on 737s and 757s years ago.  If the aircraft was due to leave the next morning and we still had lots of work to do, they'd roll the bloody thing out of the hangar anyway and we'd have to work in the weather.  But to the customer the airplane looked 'more ready' to fly.  I guess I now have to play that game with Autarkia...


  1. It looks good. In fact, I bet that you could launch and it would be a great fishing boat or place to watch the fireworks from as is.

    1. Perish that thought! They'll make me do it...