Saturday, July 2, 2016

Roof Structure

I had hoped to begin building my cabin structure today but my son and his family showed up and he, I and my two grandson's went out for a boo on Rosebud.

But for the sake of those who are watching - and we know who they are :-) - I did get some work done this evening on finalizing some dimensions for the cabin detail.

You will notice I won't be using deck beams running  athwartships in Autarkia.  Rather, I will have longitudinal stringers over which I will bend and laminate 3 layers of 1/4 inch plywood.  This will be very strong and will form a tubular stiff structure for the whole boat.  In addition it provides maximum headroom allowing on to maneuver through the boat, and stand in the galley without encountering head-bangers, while keeping the cabin profile as low as possible.

 Galley Salon Area With Full Headroom

Stateroom and Utility Room With Reduced Headroom

This week I'm doing some relief teaching at UFV in their aerospace program, plus we're getting some rain so I don't know what I'll get done with the cabin.  But I will complete the grounding plate install.  Also, I've contacted the guy who will do the survey on her, and he has agreed to survey in stages.  Since we will launch in an incomplete state he will provide assurance to the insurance company that she is safe to launch as such.  And I must have insurance as part of my moorage agreement in Mission Harbour.

All in all, I'm feeling better every day about the change in plans.  It has taken some time to refocus and re-prioritize things but I think I have a handle on it.

I will not launch her without her name affixed though so I'm also getting a graphic done.  And I have to license her as well, so there's a Federal document to complete in that regard.  Bring on the hoops... I can still jump them at 61!

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