Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ready to Roof

Yesterday I ran into Chilliwack and picked up the 1/4 inch fir ply I will use to laminate the roof, and along with it the tempered glass panels I am making the non-opening windows with.  In the meantime, Lorri has been hard at working cleaning up Titebond drips with a chisel.  We'll put on a final coat of paint though in under the floor boards.

Today we're taking a break to go canoeing with some friends.

We did get a visit from the bylaw office again yesterday.  They are being quite patient but must 'show the flag' I guess.  While they told me not to be distressed by their visits it does cause distress nonetheless.  Should the complainant read this, it shall be his only solace and satisfaction that my enjoyment of this project has been diminished by his persistent desire to interfere with the joys and activities of others.

So, the boat will leave as soon as I am able to get her to that point and I am striving for that in good faith. 

 But it will be on MY time.

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  1. Looking good. Keep on keeping on!

    As for your "complainant", as you call them, apparently they forgot to read the sign: