Friday, July 22, 2016

Preliminary Rig Sketch

I am still plugging away at the cabin and will have another progress post coming up soon.  As well, I have been jumping through the usual bureaucratic hoops to register Autarkia.  Apparently I must swear before a notary (or other approved individual) that I actually own the boat I am building.  I'm off to do that this morning and once done I can email the paperwork and get my registration numbers.  I have also lined up a surveyor who will do a partial survey on her to ensure that she is water-worthy, so that I can insure her for liability - a requirement to tie her up in Mission.

There is a fair bit to do yet to get to that point though.  Closing in the cabin, windows and ventilators, fiberglass and paint, some deck hardware, mount the motor and build and mount a rudder.  And also get the tabernacles designed, built and installed, which brings me to the subject of rig.

I have enlisted the help of a known yacht designer who has a soft spot for this kind of project.  He is going to take the guesswork out of my rig and also provide my lee board and rudder details as well.  I'm pretty stoked about it!  My masts will dip for the bridges, and what really tickles me is that the aesthetic appeal will be there for sure.  Anyway here is a very preliminary sketch but it is bang on in terms of what I want to achieve:

Today I got the rest of the roof stringers installed.  Now I just need to put some blocking between the stringers at the bulkheads, and then I can fair it all up with a plane and the belt sander.  Then I can sheath the roof!

Also, I ordered tinted tempered glass 1/4 inch thick for the windows.  I chose this over Lexan and Plexi because I won't have to worry about scratches.  For our use tempered glass is plenty strong enough.  I'll always have some plywood aboard in case on ever does break.  I intend to install them by setting them into rabbets cut into the plywood cabin sides.  I will first seal the wood with epoxy and then set the glass into the rabbets with butyl tape.  The glass will be retained by aluminum bar (say 2" by .125") bolted through with 1/4 inch SS bolts.

For ventilation I am going to use PVC pipe to make ventilators, piping some fresh air to the stove as well as to the berths.  They can be closed off simply by capping.  I haven't quite thought it through with any more detail yet though.


  1. Hi Alan,

    Finally some connectivity at my end... AUTARKIA is looking great!! And I'm pleased to see it's still apparently in your driveway. Power to the People!

    Also, glad to see your rig in TR's capable hands. I like the looks of it very much.

    One bit of rigging we've found useful is a fwd lift. One side comes down the fwd side of the mast from the head and ends in a thimble up over your head. The other comes down the opposite side, around the boom (through a fairlead), up to through the thimble, then down to a cleat at deck level. With it, you can raise the fwd end of the sail bundle to clear a view fwd when sailing in a tight spot. Meanwhile, it acts as fwd support and helps gather bights of reefed sail.

    Again, looking great and your progress is inspirational!

    Dave Z

  2. Thanks Dave! Hope you are enjoying your summer and we are looking forward to seeing more of Wayward. I'm pretty actively building Autarkia - not parking OR storing her - so the City isn't putting too much pressure on me. It's pretty obvious the boat will leave as soon as I have her ready enough to do so. And I'm working pretty hard in good faith to do exactly that. It's all good.