Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Plugging Away

I have finally cut and fitted all the upper bulkheads and cabin sides.  No more wrestling full sheets of 3/4 inch plywood.  That stuff is heavy!  I now have to locate and drill the bolt locations for the 1/4" galvanized bolts that will hold - along with PL Premium - the sides and bulkheads to the rest of the boat.  Then I can start thinking about whatever framing members I'll have inside.

Here's a few more pics:

I am seriously considering doing the roof - since it has so much camber - without stringers or roof beams, except around the hatches.  I can bend the plywood around temporary stringers that I can remove once the three layers or so of 1/4 inch has been laminated.  I'm pretty sure that is going to be strong enough, and will make for a clean looking and unobstructed ceiling.

A couple of other things out of the way:

I got the ground plate installed.  It is set in black polyurethane caulking and fastened with copper nails that I cut down to one inch.  The hull here is 1-1/2" thick.  The bronze bolt has been epoxied in place.

It sticks up through the hull pretty much in under where the mast will be.

I also put a drain hole either side of the boat to drain the sink above the waterline (no thru hulls).  There will be a tee under the sink so it can drain either side.

I just cut with a 2 inch hole saw, but then coated the inside with epoxy.

Here is a short length of ABS pipe schmooed in with black polyurethane caulking.

And last, because she's my reason for everything...


  1. A cool boat AND a great woman...... you are a rich man, indeed.

    1. Well thank-you Robert, from both of us!