Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Main Cabin Progress

Well, soon I'll be able to bend on the roof.  That will be three layers of 1/4 inch ply laid athwartships with staggered joints.  I'll likely nail into the stringers, and use Titebond 3.  First layer will be the nicest face stuff I can find to make a smooth ceiling.

Here are some pics of progress so far:

Those side upper cabinet lend stiffness to the cabin sides

 There is a panel yet to be installed beside the sink to section off the galley

 The stove will be set in the counter beside the sink.  There is room to put in a drawer in front of the stove, and another deeper one port of that.  I will make up a router template to cut the cabinet doors out, likely before putting the roof on.  There will be large polycarbonate picture windows (46" by 21") under the cabinets at sitting eye level.

 Cutouts yet to be done in the companionway.  This will be lockers for binoculars, radios, emercency gear, an SKS (kidding - maybe).

 Where Lorri is sitting will be the wood stove.

My glass is empty.

I threw down a plywood sheet to get a feel for the cabin with floorboards installed.  It makes for a big floor with a great feeling of space!


  1. All I've got to say is ... get that glass filled up!

  2. In the last picture, Lorri has a glass of wine and another, maybe you can ask her to share?

  3. We did manage to get the drinking thing sorted out :-)