Monday, June 27, 2016

Well (rhymes with) Duck!

Had another go with the bylaw office today.  These guys are top notch and don't want to bother me, but we have a persistent complainant in the neighbourhood who has a problem with Autarkia.  They have given me until August 2nd to get her out of here.  They are going to have to take heat from the mayor's office to give me that much time because the complainant may be escalating it by then but they will deal with that themselves.  Bottom line is that they will be forced to fine me after that and it is not cheap.  They also said that anything I try to do legally will not work.  The city always wins in court.

So,  Autarkia is getting launched on or by the Second of August.  I'm going to finish the cabin and roof, glass it all and paint it, install the rudder, motor and controls and launch her.  I'll keep her in the harbour here in Mission and finish her out on the water.

Ready for some paint...


  1. Replies
    1. We are moving Everitt. When the boat is done we will be starting our serious retirement on her. We will be done with houses. Our kids have houses and that will do for when we need a house 'fix'. As an aside, the day ended well. My neighbour Ron has a sports car that was in one of the 'Fast and Furious' movies. The actual car. We went for a ride in it tonight. He's seventy years old, but left lots of rubber on the road when we left - perchance to piss off an easily offend-able party :-) Shits and Giggles to end the day!

    2. a boat, sell the house, and sail away.
      Good plan. I wish you well and wish that I could do the same.

  2. Al,

    Regarding the nice bylaw office, did you attempt to discuss that point about capricious and uneven enforcement (so many offending RVs, etc)? Interested in their response.

    Guess you don't have a backyard to drag the boat into to give you a more relaxed time to finish? You can always take down a fence and put it back up.


    1. Yes I did. They told me that they only act upon a complaint and that they are required to do so by law. They said some neighbourhoods are laid back and tolerant and others aren't. As for our street, and until very recently most of the houses were over 20 years old and everyone knew each other, and were quite tolerant of one another. The past 3 or 4 though has brought in some new development with monster houses. One of them just down the way is on the market for over a million dollars. Could be that person doesn't like the boat and feels that it affecting his sale - but that is just speculation on my part. In any case I'll launch the boat and finish her in the harbour. It will be fun.

      In the meantime I am enjoying a fantasy about an 'art' installation to replace the boat in the driveway. I envision a large carousel cobbled to gether with recycled 2 by 4's that rotates and has suspended from its arms, clowns. dolls, mannequins and dismembered puppies (fake of course). No law against it I think but I WILL check with the bylaw office first, and my neighbours will be in on it. I'll only leave it up long enough to get the complaint and have the satisfaction of the bylaw office telling him that no laws are being broken. Do you think that's evil of me :-)