Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Some Visual Progress

Got two coats of acrylic paint on this morning.  I should get another two on this evening but first I have to run into Chilliwack and get a few more gallons of Titebond 3 for the deck.


  1. Really like that forest green color!

    Looking at the photos brought an idea back to mind that occurred to me before:

    If you think you could otherwise paint upside down, you might consider painting the bottom where it is now, skipping the spots under the four temporary jack stands. Then, when all is totally dry and fully cured, carefully begin moving the stands, one at a time, and painting under them. Done very carefully, it seems that you could finish all of your hull painting right there and never pay to flip and re-flip. On the other hand, maybe that's your plan already. ;-)

  2. Thanks Yoda. Yep, that's the plan! I hope the boat will never be upside down.