Sunday, June 26, 2016

Everything and The Kitchen Sink

I'm tired.  Gave her pretty good today.  Got a lot done and did a major cleanup including power washing all the sawdust in the driveway - shoveled  it up though so it didn't go down the storm drain and freak out the salmon.  Then I enjoyed a moonshine cocktail on the deck.  We have a great view of Mt. Baker in Washington State that you can see in this picture to the left.

So my plan with Autarkia is to Titebond/Fiberglass the deck so I can paint it, and then paint the hull as well to protect it from the UV.  But I wanted to include the cant strip that will go against the trunk sides so that the fiberglass cloth was seamless from them to the deck.  So I ripped up some fir into angled cant strips and then made some alignment tabs so that they were flush with the carlins.

Since the aft most bulkhead is aft of the opening so that I can put the sink and stove there, I needed to make sure the sink we bought (mentioned in a previous post) would fit in the space correctly.  In other words, I needed to determine where the aft cant strip would go.  So I went and got the sink, fitted it in place and located the strip.

So below here's a view with the cant strips all glued and Raptor nailed in place.

Sorry about the harsh shadows from the trees.  So for a little rundown on the layout here's how she'll look:

The companionway will be starboard of the motor well.  Down a few steps and the galley is on the aft end to the left.  Stove will be port of the sink and forward of that a dinette on the port side.  The sink drains into a tee for discharge either side overboard above the w/l.  The dinette will have transverse seating forward and aft facing, and will extend as far as the stringer you can see between the two chairs.  It can handle six people in all.  But the seats will also extend in under the port deck, so that two people can sleep on the dinette seats without moving the table.  If the table is dropped down though, it becomes a huge sleeping platform.  From the stringer you see between the two chairs, that bulkhead will be cut away to the starboard edge of the cabin for access forward.  The wood stove will be tucked in slightly aft of the chair you see on the starboard side.  This whole area will have standing headroom.  Crouch down a bit and move forward...

The middle cabin will be our stateroom.  If you follow the aforementioned stringer, a sleeping platform will extend from there to the port side.  It is large enough to sleep for and aft, or transversely.  It will be suitable for lounging/ reading and so forth.  The water tanks (64 imp gallons total) will be in under this platform exactly in the center of the boat.  Between the tanks and the port side there will be a huge amount of storage.  Open storage will exist under the deck on the starboard side.

Continuing to the forward cabin, the composting toilet will be directly ahead.  But this room will also serve as utility space, and will have a workbench/desk with a vice, tool storage and so forth.  The bench will be on the bulkhead facing aft, on the port side.  The battery bank will be under the bench in the center of the boat, and the electrical panel will be there as well.  All with easy access and I'm going to keep it simple too. We'll keep a tub in here as well - probably a farm trough or something - but a tub you can sit in and have shower/sitz bath, shave the legs or otherwise and so forth.  The shower supply is a good old garden sprayer and a bilge pump to empty it overboard. Above that hole you can see that accesses the fore peak, will be a companionway hatch to the fore deck.

All windows will be eye level.  If you are sitting you can see out.  Standing in the galley you can see out too.

The motor well will have a box over it that will house the fuel tank and propane tank.  It serves as a helm seat as well.  It won't be too heavy, and upon removing the 20lb propane tank and the 5 gallon fuel tank you can lift it off to get at the engine.  Spare propane and gasoline will be kept in holders or brackets on the rails.  I don't want any of that stuff inside.

Well I think I'll have another....


  1. Good Lord. I have been saying 'transversely' instead of 'atwartships'!

  2. Oh my god ... a lack of approved boat words!?! You'll likely never recover. ;-)

    Good detailed description of the interior. It'll take me a few readings to be able to absorb it.

    I thought I understood what you were up to regarding the cant strip, but now I'm not so sure. So far, don't see anything like that. Maybe a close-up photo at deck level might help.

    Glad you made time to sit and enjoy the progress and view vs. putting it all off until the end of the project.