Saturday, May 28, 2016

Doing Some Drawing Since It's Raining

It's been raining a couple of days now and will likely continue for another couple so I thought I would do some finalizing of the construction detail for the next little while.

But first, since my last progress post I thought I'd put up a few pics of what I've done so far.

Motor Transom Mount

I laminated four layers of 1/2 inch fir ply with epoxy and then covered it with 10 oz cloth.  Aluminum angle and stainless bolts complete the assembly.

I schmooed it all up with PL Premium before bolting it all in.

I also got a start on some of the decking and deck framing.  It all went together with PL Premium and epoxy coated deck screws.  I painted the framing and prepainted the underside of the plywood before putting it down.  I did not paint where the PL would go.  There will be a second layer of plywood which will go down with Titebond 3 and screws.

I can probably get working on finishing the deck on Monday.  It is supposed to be sunny.

Yesterday and today I worked on this Sketch Up model with a somewhat revised interior.  It provides a convertible dinette with the wood stove nearby, and standing headroom right across the aft cabin.  The forward stateroom is lower but we are only sleeping or pooping there.

There is a crazy amount of storage space in this boat!


  1. Nice feel to the interior. The open space between the fore cabin and the rear dining area allows the woodstove heat to spread nicely. Hopefully the woodstove will not be in the way of groggy, midnight passing to the galley area to maybe pee off the back deck. Lots of room for shelves here and there. Lowered front cabin rooftop might encourage weathervaning at anchor to your advantage. That OB well must be super rigid with the cross piece added thusly. What a fine, fun floating home it will be.

  2. Thank-you for those compliments Robert! I don't think there will be a space or safety issue with the wood stove. The boat is huge inside. It's one thing to look at a drawing but in the past few days I've sat in the boat on a chair (with some wine in hand) and just visualized this and that.

    There'll be lot's of clearance to walk around, but I may make some galvanized pipe guards around the stove just to be sure. Might be able to incorporate it into a wood holder or something. Lot's of room and time for creativity here.

  3. I never got burned once with Lunas big woodstove and it was right next to the main walkway. Never had little kids onboard though. Your clever pipe wood holder sounds pretty neat for that contingency. I see why Dave went with the big windows and valued a vista after being on Luna. Ragboaters in the ocean often say the little windows psychologically help to offset all that awesome space about you offshore by offering a sanctuary. But the pac northwester, blessed with such grandeur all about, is blessed to have wide open views. I say this imagining that woodstove pleasantly toasting the cabin on some spring dusk with all the wildlife teeming about you and mountain views. Hmm, hmmmm, hmmmmmm.

  4. I would definitely add some sort of protection, so that if you are standing next to it and somebody does the huge wake thing nearby. I am re-purposing a stainless steel pulpit from my parts boat to guard against that type of incident. I'm getting enough of mine built to do the sit and contemplate thing as well.

    1. If you are posting on FB or blogging please give us the link.

      here you go, hope you enjoy it

    3. I will. In the meantime I've linked you up on my followed blogs. Thanks!