Wednesday, May 4, 2016

At Home Finally

Just delivered but not yet leveled up...

And some more sketches...

And all leveled up and tarped for the showers... but sunny days coming!


  1. Al,

    On the successful move and the drawings, nice work. Good to see the boat in your driveway! Portends easier and more rapid progress.

    To my eye, this design looks simultaneously simpler, more practically useful, and more visually appealing. And then there's the bonus that it seems to better match the name of your project and intention (sailing houseboat).

    Two thoughts / questions related to the new design:

    1. I'm wondering about the use of the forward deck. If frequently functional, the length of that space seems good. If not, you might get more use out of a slightly extended forward cabin (2 more feet?).

    2. Mizzen: The new design almost seems to be quietly requesting one. Other than contributing to propulsion, it could also function as a riding sail at anchor.

    Knowing that you didn't have enough stuff to ponder, I thought I'd help! ;-)


    1. I'll be extending the cabin aft by about a foot and a half past the aft most bulkhead. It will make a ledge inside that I will explain later. The forward cabin wall has to stay at the forward bulkhead though because it all supports the tabernacle.

    2. The mizzen is certainly an option for a later add-on. We'll see how she sails first though.

  2. I do prefer the arching coach-roofs (if that's the term). Much more visually appealing.