Thursday, April 28, 2016

Turning Over Autarkia

Today went really well!  We got Autarkia turned over and set up on some jack stands ready to be picked up next week and brought home.  The rigging to flip the hull comes from the San Juan Pool website.  In the installation instructions here you can see how the pools are rigged to be turned over upon delivery.  Al Finnsson, my son's father-in-law helped out today.  He owns Masterpiece Pool and Spa and he and I have flipped quite a few pools over the past two years and John. the crane operator knows the drill quite well.

The strain gauge on the crane said 4000 lbs... a wee bit more than I thought!

My son Wesley was on hand - no slouch to rigging and crane lifts since he was a construction foreman on the building of the new Port Mann bridge in Vancouver, and his son Reid, soon to be three in June, oversaw the operation as well.

Here are some more pics:

I drilled some holes in the bulkheads to put the rigging chains through..


  1. Looking beautiful..... congratulations on a successful hull turning, Alan.

    1. Thanks Robert! I'll be drinking some rum tonight!

  2. Al,

    Glad you got it turned over without incident. Everything's easier with the right tools (crane). I'll probably end up devising a DIY/MacGyver way to flip mine when the time comes. No shortage of excitement there.

    Bulkheads: They seem to be about half-height. Are they hull-building temp bulkheads or what's the plan for extending, modifying them?

    Hope you enjoyed the well-deserved rum!


  3. P.S. - Did you mean by your strain gauge comment that the hull, as it is, weighs 4,000 lbs?

  4. Yes the hull as it is weighs 4000 lbs! The bulkheads will be extended up. They will be about another foot higher at the sides and then follow the curve of the roof towards the center. This will allow standing headroom down the center of the boat. I haven't determined the exact dimensions though - we'll mock up everything before building to get a feel. Once I have more supporting structure I'll cut the doorway openings in the bulkheads. The whole hull is able to twist a bit right now. It won't stiffen until the roof and decks are on so I'm going to get on that asap. First I have to clean up all that PL Premium at the joint and paint the inside though. Easier for the fumes to dissipate. I might use an industrial epoxy paint and am researching that now.

    I think I did enjoy the rum, and no headache this morning!