Friday, April 8, 2016

Another Post Unrelated to Autarkia

Well, a sentence or two about Autarkia - she's ready to glass, paint and bring home.  That's coming soon.

An now the unrelated stuff:

Anyone reading this from pretty much anywhere in the world EXCEPT the United States of America will get this.  Because most of the world except the U.S.A has universal socialized health care.

Last Friday my wife had an angiogram at Vancouver General Hospital.  There they determined she had blockages to her heart that were severe enough to imminently threaten her life.  She was scheduled for immediate surgery and had a quintuple bypass operation that night.  Five days later I brought her home to recover, and she will have a full recovery since she had the surgery before a heart attack ever occurred.

Her treatment was world class.  A world class hospital, with world class physicians, nurses, staff and the best equipment.

This will cost us nothing. 

 Furthermore, it is the same treatment anyone - banker, politician, mogul or whatever - would get.  That is why it is called a universal health care system.

What is wrong with such a system?  Nothing.  Could the U.S.A afford it?  In my opinion, yes.  Now up here you may wait a little for something that can wait without threat to your health.  If you skin your knee you will be triaged  to the end of the line in the emergency room and NOT get an MRI.  If you have a stay in any of our hospitals, the food sucks.  And that is what a capitalistic medical system will focus on when they bash us up here in Canada.  They haven't anything else.


  1. Down here in Mexico-Guatemala it works due to be AFFORDABLE. Good health care plans are cheap, good hospitals are available (not the socialized hospitals down here..... ughhhhh), and good docs too. Doctors visit to his office: $15-$20 US, hospital beds that won't bust you, catastrophic insurance cheap, as mentioned. Pay it in taxes or self insure in places like here.... pay we will, as we should. Also: good organic food in the markets very cheap, even lots of folk remedy specialists armed with local herbs (curanderas!!!). USA medicine? More corporate crap and scam city buttmunches. Agreed: a crime against the populace. Same good vibes on the dentists down here.... good work and inexpensive. As mentioned elsewhere: really glad it worked out super for you folks!

  2. Thanks Robert! In my rant I guess I was thinking more first world countries. I personally experienced the English system back in the eighties and was well treated there as well. I wonder if the situation in Mexico and Guatemala will change as the economy improves? Prior socialized medicine in Canada (we got it in the sixties) we paid for health care but it was somewhat affordable, and I bet that was the same in the States back then. What made it sour so badly in the U.S. since then?

    1. USA souring? Worthy of 1001 links to neo-fascism blogs, collapse blogs (and why), outright calling greed pure greed blogs, etc.. But: just beating a dead horse corpse at this point. Before anything "improves" down here some hell is going to be paid. Mexico and most other heavily indebted latinolandia states down here are getting hammered hard right now economically. Mexico just got downgraded heavily credit rating wise (various state budgets, big corporate budgets, big bank health, etc.) and is cutting government services across the board. Gonna be hard for us ALL for awhile here if the giant "global economic system reset" actually happens. A good time to exercise, eat really well, and try not to get injured as this monstro economic convolution happens. Good thing you're headed to boat life!!! One of the very sanest and practical ways to live with what's coming, especially in your high resource and low population density waters. No guarantees though and each day a gift right now. Another prime boat life bennie! Best recovery wishes for your other 50%.

    2. Believe me I have had all those 'what if' thoughts. This happened while we were still able to do something about it. It has woken me up every night so far. Thanks for your wishes, and she's more like my 75% :-)

  3. (I could swear that I already commented on this post. Weird. I think I need some of that there communist U-knee-VER-sul healthcare to fix my premature dementia)

    Guilty as charged. Why did the States never develop universal healthcare (UHC)? Good question. Multi-dimensional answer ... that I can't do justice to, but I will say a thing or two.

    Although there have been a few American events in competition for this award in recent years, the medical system, taken as a whole, must be the stupidest, most self-destructive thing we do. And the most bizarre part of it is not who's doing it and why -- the very wealthy and powerful in order to become more wealthy and powerful. That's clear and within character for them.

    The most bizarre part is who's supporting the perpetrators by blocking any real attempt to establish UHC. The blockers are a bit varied, but mostly white, blue-collar, barely educated, and poor or borderline. These are the very people who have nothing meaningful in common with the rich and powerful, and who could themselves benefit the most from UHC.

    So, why do they block it, or more to the point, elect and support those who do? Numerous reasons:

    One, they don't think well. Two, they can't agree to UHC for themselves because that would mean that the "lazy" blacks and latinos get it, too. Three, it would mean agreeing to let their Great Satan #1 -- the federal government -- manage something. Four, when -- not if -- it worked well, the blockers would lose a multi-generational source of bitching material (something they're in danger of even with the near-fatally-flawed Obamacare). And finally, five, there is huge overlap between the blocker demographic and the Jesusland demographic -- a very mule-headed, mean-spirited, and fantasy-based combination, and thus highly toxic and resistant to change. And we know that their hands are tied because of the age-old answer to "What Would Jesus Do?" In this case, clearly he would scorn and ridicule the downtrodden while funneling more cash to the moneychangers.

    Like usual, the people represent the main obstacle in any project. Not only will they not be altruistic, but they cannot even be depended upon to be wisely self-centered. Were they to at least be the latter, we'd have UHC already.

  4. Good points Yoda. It probably is much more than the money.