Saturday, March 26, 2016

Autarkia's Capabilities

Yesterday was Good Friday.  I forgot.  Our plan was to go into Vancouver and get our fiberglass and epoxy but the place was closed.  I think that they will be open today according to their website so hopefully we can get what we need this morning.  It is pretty early as I write this so I won't know for sure until a little later on.

So we had an uncommitted day which was nice!  Went out for breakfast and just pooped around the Lower Mainland.  We found this creek that I've driven by on many occasions but never stopped to have a closer look.

This is the mouth off the Fraser.

It is spanned by this railway bridge close to the mouth.  We saw fish - probably eulachons - feeding in under it.

It is dyked on either side and those are unflooded cranberry fields to the right.

Looking the other way is a road bridge.  A short bicycle ride from there is a very trendy town that is now too expensive for the average person to live in, but has all the amenities anyone could want.

I'm not going to mention the name of place - just to keep it out of searches - but anyone following the blog could find out where it is if they want to.  I'm not saying that we'll ever bring Autarkia to this place either - I'm just saying that we could if we wanted to.  The Lower Mainland is peppered with similar places a conventional sailboat or a powered yacht could not go.  Kayaks, yes!  Canoes, yes!  Our kind of people!


  1. Seems I know the name of this place ... right on the tip of my tongue ... Hoover? Louver? Maneuver??? Can't quite ... ;-)

    1. If you are thinking Vancouver you've gone a bit too far. To live there now one must be an Oligarch with vulgar quantities of dollars fleeing the impending chaos in China :-) Still... lot's of nautical nooks and crannies around there too...

  2. Haha. I wonder if anyone has started calling it "East Beijing"? Though being pretty well traveled and otherwise open-minded, I remember being a bit shocked by San Francisco's public park signs in Mandarin.

    Ok, I'll keep guessing ;-)