Monday, February 8, 2016

Progress And Still Thinking Rig

I spent some time on the weekend throwing together the sailing model of Autarkia.  Mainly I used scrap wood, and some doorskin for the curvy parts.  I had to soak the roof panel in hot water to make the curve and it worked fine.  I did not make any effort for an authentic paint job, and cheated with electrical marker tape and aluminum tape to approximate the windows.  Once I've played with it enough and am happy with the final configuration I can sand it down and paint it up authentically and with care. But, next step is to make a rudder and install the R/C gear.  The lee board can be installed anywhere I want because the sides are 1/2 inch ply and will accept a wood screw for the pivot no problem.

But the rig.... where to start...what should I try first?

In the meantime big Autarkia is progressing.  I made the motor well on the weekend and today I will go up and start installing the first of 3 layers of 1/2 ply on the framework.  There will be some shimming to true up the curves cut in the fir 2 by 4's.  No matter how careful you are with a sabre saw, it's impossible to go along the grain in fir lumber and get it to track the line the way you want.  It'll be fair when I'm done though.

Later today...


  1. We've had good luck with a good ol' handsaw (ripsaw) for the curves, checking for square as we go. Accurate and fast enough.

    A power combo that works is rough cut with circular saw, then plane to the line. P&S curves can be planed at one go for perfect match.

    Dave Z