Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Making A Leeboard

I bought a lot of two by four structural Douglas Fir lumber and a whole lift of 1/2" Douglas Fir marine plywood when I began the project.  So I may as well use it to make up my leeboard.

Here's how I'd glue it up...

And then trim it so...

Dynel and epoxy to sheath the works.

It will likely be somewhat buoyant so some weight in the lower end would be in order.  I'll have to work that out...

In the meantime framing is almost done.

I still need to box around the outboard well and put in a few more structural pieces.  Then the whole thing needs to be cleaned up anywhere the plywood touches with a belt sander. There's lots of cured PL Premium that has oozed out of the seams.  Also,  I may have to glue in some shims in a few places to fair things up.  She turned out pretty straight so far though.  I'm stoked.

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