Friday, February 5, 2016

It Won't Work Because I Read It Won't

I'm sure that even down at the Skunkworks when this project was first proposed there were those who had strong opinions about whether this bird would fly at all.   It did of course but needed a computer for control and stability.

That got some of the homebuilt aircraft people thinking.  Now the people who build homebuilt aircraft are somewhat different from the yacht club crowd - in my opinion (and I would like to make it clear that I don't include the visitors to this blog in the 'yacht club crowd').  They don't buy airplanes - they build them.  At the flying clubs those pilots that buy airplanes hold the airplane builders in high regard.   And in even higher regard if that person designed the aircraft as well.  In fact all homebuilt aircraft are deemed experimental aircraft by Transport Canada and the FAA.    Experimental aircraft.  Here's one that worked quite well.

The Facetmobile was built and flown by Barnaby Wainfain - without computer assist I might add.  The aircraft was stable, easy to fly and in general performed quite well.  It was lost due to engine failure unfortunately - something that can occur with any airplane.  It had nothing to do with the fact that it was a square airplane.

I've been around this community off and on over the years and have participated in the building of some homebuilt aircraft, as well as owning and flying two factory airplanes over the years.

In all that time in that community I never encountered someone laughing at an airplane, or ridiculing its lines, or predicting how poorly it would fly.  I never saw a flying field or airport that would disallow someone to tie down his odd looking homebuilt airplane.  Different crowd I guess.

Anyway, today I'm working on big Autarkia.  I'll play some more with little Autarkia this weekend.

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