Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What Goes Around...

I'm back to what I originally wanted - bridge capability.  The advice and suggestions in coming up with this latest design have been great and I can't say thanks enough to those who comment on this blog and help otherwise.

I have here a ketch - both sails are junks.  Both are in tabernacles - the aft one offset per advice.  I will beef up structure forward of the bulkhead to handle the loads.  The main mast extends 26 feet above the tabernacle and the main sail is 450 s.f.  The mizzen mast extends 18 feet above the tabernacle and the sail is 130 s.f. for a total sail area of 580 s.f.

I can play around with the sail shapes and sizes later and will appreciate any help dealing with the nitty, gritty details.  However, if I can commit to the two tabernacles and associated structure I can go ahead with my build for quite some time.

A tabernacle either end of the cabin with the aft one offset is exactly what Dave did with Slacktide.

 Sometimes I don't know why I just don't listen... 

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