Friday, January 1, 2016

Tilting Masts Continued...

If I go with a single mast then accommodating it will be fairly straight forward.  I can get an aluminum flag pole from Ewing that is 40 feet long, 7 inch diameter at the base and 3-1/2 diameter at the top with a .188 inch wall thickness.  Others have used this pole I think in a free standing  junk mast application but in any case I'll need some help with the calculations to see if it is suitable.

My thoughts are to use a tabernacle with the base set down into a well.  The well would be drained and hatched over, and could hold an anchor and rode, though these would have to be unstowed to lower the mast.  The pivot could be about 6-1/2 feet up the mast and this section could be ballasted with tire weights set in epoxy.  That could make the whole thing quite easy to raise and lower, though the whole works may be fairly heavy.

Here's a sketch:

Meanwhile, I'm building while I think.  Here's a stack of curved stringers for the bow awaiting fairing and sanding.


  1. You might consider the Crab Claw Sail. It uses a 'stub' mast and has many other advantages.
    You might also consider 'traction kites"...which use NO mast.
    ......or...a combination of the two..

  2. I'm intrigued by both the crab claw sail and kites. I've looked at both quite a lot. One of the things about the crab claw from what I've read so far, and Dave Zeiger's comments (he's experimented with it) is that it is fairly difficult to handle. If I were to sail the Trade Winds, a kite would be very desirable. But the kind of sailing I'll do around here, and with the squirrely changing winds I'm pretty much set on the Junk Rig. Your last single word comment though got me going for a while. I read up a lot on the present state of affairs with kite proplulsion as a result. Thanks Everitt!

    1. Hi Alan,

      I'd like to clarify that my comment on CC Rig difficulty was particular to the TMod variant, and not traditional CC sails. I have no experience with trad variations, but understand most to be quite handy.

      Dave Z

  3. Thanks for the correction Dave. I do think (with my limited experience) that a crab claw would still be somewhat unwieldy compared to the junk, and especially for older people.