Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Erecting The Bulkheads

Finally I've been able to get the bulkheads and some material down to the hoarding.  We've been having so much rain here I have had to wait for gaps in the weather lest I soak the material on the trailer.  So far I spent the morning setting up, spacing and leveling.  Soon I'll be able to frame in the curved fore and aft bottom stringers and tie them into the side stringers and transoms.  Shouldn't be long until it looks like an upside down boat!

The first layer of 1/2 inch ply will go onto the sides and bottom with epoxy coated deck screws and PL Premium.

I was planning to use Titebond III along with Raptor polymer nails to laminate on the second layer on the sides, as well as the second and third layer on the bottom.  I'm worried about voids though.  I may spend the extra money and go with epoxy for those layers as originally planned.  If I stick with the Titebond III I want to clamp somehow.  I was thinking about driving a screw and immediately driving a polymer nail beside it, extracting the screw and moving on - say every six inches or so.  The Raptor nails hold really well in tension but won't pull the material together like a screw.  Once the screw has done its job though the nail is strong enough to take over holding it.  I probably would not have to clamp in that manner with the epoxy - just slather it on, lay the ply and nail it with the polymer nails.

The jury is still out...


  1. Glad to see your progress, I expect it to look very boat like soon. Mine is progressing, but I am only spending a few hours a week on it right now. Reminds me to update my blog too

  2. WooHoo! Looking good, with nice notch work.

    BTW, one surprise tool we found useful for notching and mistake fixes is an oscillating tool (thin blade similar to a putty knife on too much coffee). Great for back or blind cuts of notches.

  3. I find that I do pretty good by myself on too much coffee...