Sunday, January 24, 2016


The ancient Greek word 'AUTARKIA' - or its modern English equivalent 'autarky' means self-sufficiency and independence from external events.  It is certainly a theme that strikes a chord with us in spirit if not in practice.  Indeed it is an ideology that cannot realistically be achieved in practice - we will always be dependent upon someone and have others dependent upon us living as members of some sort of community.

But how can we be of help or service to others if we are nose to the grindstone - caught up in the daily trappings of a continuously degraded conventional life that depletes all of our time and all of our physical, mental, emotional and financial resources just to look after ourselves while we watch others suffer the same fate?

As we get further and further into this state of contraction that we seem to be entering , that may be long lasting or permanent, different ways of living will be requirements - not choices.  But different  arrangements don't have to include  living in a tent community in a park because one waited too long.  Being proactive after having recognized that things are not likely to get a whole lot better can allow for some time to consider alternatives and implement them.

And they don't have to be bad at all.

Tiny homes, simplifying, downsizing, vegetarianism, focusing on health and relationships, growing food, paying off debt, living in communities of extended families are all options among hundreds of others.  The problem is getting past the denial of the very likely probability that things are going to change.

Our goal is to try living differently and honestly show  a process of change - with the downsides as well as the upsides - that we feel will have an ultimate positive result as an example to those we love.  We are not however, providing a template for others.   We don't suggest that anyone should follow exactly what WE are doing  (a comfortable boat - some sort of modest and cheap land base - modest income - time for art, health, love and family).  We just want to show the possibility that there can be pleasant alternatives .  We have talked the talk long enough.

AUTARKIA as an acronym also serves to reflect other values that are important to us - Art, Utility, Truth, Amity, Reason, Knowledge, Independence and Ability.

Yes.  We will name her AUTARKIA.


  1. A fine name indeed. You folks have your heads screwed on quite well IMHO. The awakened are still a minute portion of overall society but this may well inspire that certain someone who really needs it to walk their own walks.

  2. GREAT choice! Inspired and inspiring!!

    And that was the hardest part... you're over the hump. 8)

  3. Thanks Dave! She has a personality now. Still waiting for her to speak rather than just look at me funny...